"Photoscult is a truly amazing piece of software… The author listens and add users requests at light speed. With only 2 pics, you’ll get a 3D model with different level of details, and incredible precision normal map and displacement maps. This tool have helped me to reach a new degree of realism into my renders and realtime content. It's worth every euro !" Jérôme Prévost from solidrocks.subburb.com, software editor and artist, France (read more testimonials...)


  • Very high texture size: The automated sculpting phase ends when the same size as the source photos is obtained, which is usually a very high definition 3d model or texture.
  • Fast: It takes only 1 s to display the first low polygon model
    • The 3D model resolution increases over time with immediate visual feedback in 3D
    • High definition model obtained within 40 seconds (on a 3Gz Intel processor)
    • Fully sculpting a 12Mpix source images takes 4 minutes

Clean intuitive interface: click here to view a video of the interface in action 

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Full screen 3D display
  • Optimised viewing with popup toolbars that appears only when needed
  • Drag and drop support for images
  • Open both front and right photo in one dialog box with multiple selection
  • Images are sorted automatically for efficiency (users are recommended to shoot front photo first and right photo second)
  • Image 90° rotation and swaping tool
  • Lighweight application
  • Fully multithreaded interface : Rotate 3d view / zoom in-out / Move / crop / change map display type while sculpting is still in progress

Generates following texture maps: click here to view or download FREE samples

  • displacement map
  • Normal maps
  • Ambient occlusion maps
  • Specular maps
  • Diffuse maps
  • 2 Bump maps

3d model and Textures

Other handy features :

  • Make texture seamless tileable in one click. Click to see the video here
  • Increase / decrease depth in one click
  • Handy "flat mode" to correct flatness of texture in one click in case you have shot your texture in awkward position
  • crop texture
  • Perspective crop
  • square crop
  • Fixed 2n texture size (256,512,1024,2048 ...) in one click
  • Browse subdivisions: Increase / decrease model or texture size in one click
  • "save multiple" function to save different maps, different sizes and 3d models all at once
  • Alpha transparency: Remove unwanted areas on your model using a black and white alpha map

What you don't need to worry about :

  • Don't need any kind of calibration of camera
  • Don't need to manually select points before creating a 3d sculpt
  • Don't need for a high end camera (minimum recomended : a 5 Mp point and shoot camera)

File input / output :

  • Support of png, tiff, jpg and bmp files
  • 16 bit tiff support for displacement maps
  • Save models as .obj (textured), .stl (untextured) files and .ply (supporting pixel color)

Installer and uninstaller

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