Tutorial 03 for Developers : How to Import a .sculpt File Directly into your App

You are developing 2D or 3D software or do scripts for your 2D or 3D application? You want to "break the code" to find out how to read those new .sculpt files ?

That's not difficult ! You may implement your own importer today!

".sculpt" files

PhotoSculpt Textures gererates .sculpt files.

Sample file


 They contain all information about any PhotoSculpt texture on screen. It's convenient to store 3d textures and build a library of those.

You just need to import the .sculpt file. Here is how. Don't worry, this format is simplistic!


".sculpt" Format description

1. .sculpt files are renamed zip files

2. it contains 3 uncompressed bmp images of the same size

ambient.bmp -> this is the rgb color texture

normal.bmp -> this is the normal map. It's a color image coding for normals X for Red, Y for Green, Z for blue

depth.bmp -> this is a black and white image coding for depth


If you want to open a .sculpt file as texture:

1 first, unzip

2 second, open witchever of the 3 files you need and dispatch to build your own shader / material etc in your own app.


If you want to open a .sculpt file as 3d model:

1 first, unzip

2 create a quad, subdivise it to the level you wish and adjust UVs

3 open depth.bmp

4 displace the grid in the depth direction using depth.bmp

5 second, open ambient.bmp file and apply as texture.


That's all ! Thanks for integrating PhotoSculpt files into your app!

Please do not hesitate to ask if any questions, we would love to help you!


A downloadable .sculpt sample here: bark.sculpt


What may change with this format? First we believe it is likely that other image types be included into the zip file. Second it is also likely to read other image formats like jpg to save more space. It's open, let's discuss.


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