PhotoSculpt Monthly Challenge:

Prize: Win a free individual license of our PhotoSculpt Textures software every month! (value Eur 139.00) The best artworks will be on display on


  • Theme for the September 2012 challenge: "stone marvels of Britany"
  • Theme for the October 2012 challenge: "vintage memory"
  • Theme for the November 2012 challenge: "fearsome alien monster"
  • Theme for the December 2012 challenge: "lost spaceship"
  • Theme for the January 2013 challenge: "Costumes and drapes"
  • Theme for the February 2013 challenge: "Riverside"
  • Theme for the March 2013 challenge: "Quiet snowman"
  • Theme for the April 2013 challenge: "The volcano"
  • Theme for the May 2013 challenge: "Architecture in the desert"

What to do:

just send us (to your artwork as image file (or video file) before the end of the month


  1. You implicitely accept to have your artwork displayed on or on the web by partners.
  2. You should make use of our software Photosculpt Textures (30-day trial, paid license) for the artwork. And, well, it should be reasonably obvious that you used it :-)
  3. You keep the copyright of the artwork.
  4. Basically the usual rules for this kind of challenge apply. See the usual rules from or other websites. Example: You should have full copyright on the artwork. Your artwork shouldn't be offensive or sexually explicit. And so on...
  5. Jury: me and selected friends that may or may not do CG (computer graphics).

Good luck!

Hippolyte from



A making-of file is available (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

The making-of is also available (PDF, 200 kb)

Click here to see a detailed making-of of the image