New Challenges for the Next Months

Now you can win a full individual license of Photosculpt every Month (value Eur 99.00) !

Below are the next subjects, go to the Photosculpt Challenge page for more info

Challenge for March 2010:

  • "a world of concrete". Last day of submission: 03.31.2011

Challenge for April 2010:

  • "living vegetals". Last day of submission: 04.30.2011

Challenge for May 2010:

  • "medieval sunset". Last day of submission: 05.31.2011

Challenge for June 2010:

  • "cliff on a desert island". Last day of submission: 06.30.2011


Questionnaire - What do you think of Photosculpt?

Questionnaire (10 questions, 3 minutes): In order to help us improve PhotoSculpt Textures, please take the time to let us know about you and your hands-on experience with it.



New Software Geoscale Combines Existing 3D Models with GPS Data

The guys from the non-profit organisation ORA (France) have impressed me with their ambitious projects about airplanes, baloons, GPS geolocalisation and softwares! (web site in French)

They are cool innovative open-minded people. Check out their new 38'' video (English) about their new software Geoscale!


New Tutorial for Jewelry Artists: Create a Medallion from 2 Photos

I've just posted a new Tutorial targeted for Jewelry Artists. Click on the image to enter the Tutorial.

Jewelry is also this month's call for the monthly Photosculpt Challenge. Submit your art before the 27th of February and win a license of Photosculpt (value Eur 99)!

Medallion created with Photosculpt based on 2 photos of a door knob

More about Jewelry and Photosculpt on the following private forums from 3dcadjewelry.com (Note: you need to subscribe to access the forums)




Tutorial for Using Displacement Textures in Vue

In this tutorial I will show how to setup a 3D texture in Vue Frontier 8.

Vue is a 3D software that excels in creating beautifull landscapes used in many many films in the industry. (Avatar, Pirats of the Caraibic, ...)

From a 3D artist stand point it's also a very good renderer for (displaced) water surfaces and volumetric clouds using GI (Global Illumination).

... continued in the tutorial page

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