New HD Flash 11 3D Viewer for Photosculpt 3D Models

Good news to all Photosculpt users: Flash developper Josef Chutka has updated his Open source 3D viewer. I can't wait to use it on my web site front page once Flash 11 will become mainstream!

As previously stated in this blog, Flash 11 is now out since a few months. This new upgrade has hardware-enabled 3D capabilities. The improvement in speed is impressive!

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.0.0 or greater is installed.

What do you think?
You too can use his open source viewer to display you models at home or on your web site. As of today there is no user interface to setup your model nor tutorial ("please just take a look at .xml config file and try to play with values, I wish I had time for a tutorial but sadly I have no"). All you need to do is download your favorite pack here (they are still the older Flash 10 packs but I'll edit this post later when he'll do a link to the new packs) and do some basic text editing. Don't hesitate to contact him if you have any questions?


New Texture Gallery on FaceBook


I've opened last week a new texture gallery on the Facebook page of Photosculpt, see it here:

That's 160 image files ready for immediate download!

What we say:

 Free 3D textures created with Photosculpt Textures 2 Software.
You can use them for any Computer Graphics CG project, or create your own with the 30-day demo of Photosculpt textures.

Each subject was shot twice as it's the best way to produce that crazy depth detail.
The invisible seamless tiling is an automatic feature from Photosculpt Textures 2.

Each 3D texture come with 5 maps and a preview :

- ambient occlusion map ( fake shadows in recessed areas )
- diffuse map ( color image )
- displacement map ( coding for depth, black is backwards, white is forward )
- normal map ( color code that defines the orientation vector of the surface )
- specular map ( used to remove shines in specific areas )

map texture size 512x512

More to come ! Come back soon!

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Photosculpt Textures 2 is out!

And it's an amazing release! A lot more faster, more precise, more productive than v1. I hope you'll like it as much as I do!



What is this?

Buy now

  • Photosculpt Textures is a new innovative software that creates photorealistic 3D objects or 3D textures from two photos.
  • Its key feature is its binocular vision algorithm. This feature extracts superb depth detail automatically and easily.

If you haven't tried v1 yet, then v2 is definitely worth a try now as it's more fun than ever!

Download the 30 day trial now and start creating 3D objects or seamless tileable 3D textures now using either the included 10 photo samples or the new 30+ hi-res photo sample gallery now available on our web site.

This new update is a must-have upgrade for current users and an essential creative tool for any 3D artist!

New features:

  1. About twice faster sculpting
  2. Fully multithreaded
  3. Perspective corrected 3D models
  4. Invisible seamless tiling of 3D textures (beta *)
  5. 2 lasso crop tools
  6. 2 batch tools to process all photos in a directory in one command (beta *)
  7. .PLY export a sculpt-ready color 3D format
  8. Better photo matching editor for less optimal shooting conditions (beta *)
  9. EXIF autorotate of photos (only available for compliant cameras)
  10. Self calibration that uses EXIF focal length (only available for compliant cameras)
  11. 20 new command line options (interfacing with Photoshop, 3DS Max …)
  12. 100% Aero interface
  13. A prototype mode that uses 3 photos instead of 2 (alpha *)
  14. Plenty of other enhancements (Standalone installer, bug fixes, reduced memory consumption, faster interface, faster boot time, faster 2D-3D switching)

Click here to read the change log

*: alpha and beta features are located in the menu/?/Laboratory section and are not available in the demo version of the software

What hasn't changed:

  1. Familiarizing with the software is simple and quick
  2. You don't need any complicated camera setup nor calibration
  3. Highest resolution output, same as the source image
  4. Shooting 2 photos is the best way to capture all depth detail of your subject
  5. Instantly tileable textures in one click

Pricing and availability

Photosculpt Textures 2 is available now.

This is a paid upgrade for current license holders.

If you would like to try Photosculpt out before purchasing, follow the link below to download our 30-day trial.

Purchasing a new license or an upgrade for v2 entitles you to receive all point releases of that version for free.

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FREE 2048x2048px 3D Textures for Download

New seamless tileable textures for FREE download:

  • Size: 2048x2048px
  • File format: jpg
  • Automatically created with our Photosculpt textures software
  • Comes with 5 maps, diffuse, normal, displacement, specular and ambient occlusion + 1 preview
  • Highest quality standard of depth extraction from 2 photo sources instead of just one photo. Only Photosculpt can deliver this quality!
  • Value: Eur 9.99 per texture, now for free

Click on the icon below to browse individual textures images now.Below some of the hi-res preview images: more to come soon!


Upcomming Flash 11 to Increase Performance of the Photosculpt Viewer

Good new concening the open source Photosculpt viewer seen on my front page. It will soon get a huge performance boost.

It's author, Jozef Chúťka, has already prepared the code using the new 3D API of the beta version of the upcomming Adobe Flash 11 Molehill. Impressive!

Want to see it for yourself? Here is the link below:

The images he used were created with Photoscuplt Textures.

Hoping you'll like it?