We have a Winner for the PhotoSculpt Challenge !

The winner of the PhotoSculpt Challenge is :  

Michal Hons

Thank you Michal for this nice composition!

Winner image


2 New Tutorials Were Added

2 New tutorials here have just been added:


The tutorial number 2 (Shooting recommendations for best results) has been splitted into 2 tutorials now

2 = Beginner

6 = Advanced

Click here to browse all tutorials now


Vote for Suggestions for PhotoSculpt Textures Now!


New web tool: you can now vote for suggestions on this page.

It's very simple you have 10 voting points to dispatch wherever you want.


I wanted to use that kind of tool for a long time. And I now have the opportunity. This one is powered by UserVoice.

I really think that the key in software development is to hear what the users have to say. Because they have more knowledge than we developers. This tool adds a new dimension to that as I can also see what's the global priority.

This is a serious tool so please make good use of it?

We really appreciate your time!

Best regards


Hippolyte from


New Guestbook is Open. Don't Hesitate to Drop a Line!

Hi ! I'm experimenting this new Guestbook here so you can leave your impressions about PhotoSculpt.

In order for this GuestBook to work I just require this:

  1. This is a GuestBook for you to leave some quick words
  2. It's not a Forum, nor the place to call for support (It's here), we will not answer any questions here.
  3. Please be polite and constructive as other visitors may read you :-)
  4. Don't spam.
  5. Note : I may either delete your post if you don't corform to this or close the Guestbook entirely to new entries if it goes uncontrolled

Happy chatting!



All Private Offers with the 50%-Reduction Have Been Sent Now

You think you've been forgotten? Don't worry it may just be in your spam folder, so please check it first. In case we really screwed it, just write us a mail and we'll resend the offer to the adress of your choice.