Sculpteo Rapid Prototyping Services

I've been using a lot of different types of rapid prototyping and/or CNC machining in the last 10 years. The technology is improving fast and I love this. can read stl and obj and make 3D printed models of them. If you haven't done this before. The creative possibilities with Photosculpt and other software (try Sculptris it's great and free, I love it) are endless. I'm wondering right now what a Photosculpt seamless 3D motif or 3D texture repeated over and over look like in reality? Architects I'm sure will like it ...

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Sculpteo, and your 3D design turns into reality with 3D printing


New Winners of the Photosculpt Monthly Challenge

Winning entry of Graheme Scott ( for the fearsome dragon cave call of November 2011. he's using Brice 7 Pro.

Winning entry of Mark Wardle for the celtic art call of October 2011. Rendered with Vue

Bravo Mark and Graheme, you both have won an individual license of Photosculpt Textures V2! (value Eur 139)

You too can win a copy of Photosculpt V2 every month. Click the "enter the challenge" button for more info.


New Free Stereo Photo Sample Gallery 

This free Stereo Photo sample gallery (about 60 photos, 2048px) can be used to try with your Photosculpt software demo or pay version. Create your own 3D models or seamless tileable textures today. It's easy, fast and fun with Photosculpt!

New HD Flash 11 3D Viewer for Photosculpt 3D Models

Good news to all Photosculpt users: Flash developper Josef Chutka has updated his Open source 3D viewer. I can't wait to use it on my web site front page once Flash 11 will become mainstream!

As previously stated in this blog, Flash 11 is now out since a few months. This new upgrade has hardware-enabled 3D capabilities. The improvement in speed is impressive!

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.0.0 or greater is installed.

What do you think?
You too can use his open source viewer to display you models at home or on your web site. As of today there is no user interface to setup your model nor tutorial ("please just take a look at .xml config file and try to play with values, I wish I had time for a tutorial but sadly I have no"). All you need to do is download your favorite pack here (they are still the older Flash 10 packs but I'll edit this post later when he'll do a link to the new packs) and do some basic text editing. Don't hesitate to contact him if you have any questions?


New Texture Gallery on FaceBook


I've opened last week a new texture gallery on the Facebook page of Photosculpt, see it here:

That's 160 image files ready for immediate download!

What we say:

 Free 3D textures created with Photosculpt Textures 2 Software.
You can use them for any Computer Graphics CG project, or create your own with the 30-day demo of Photosculpt textures.

Each subject was shot twice as it's the best way to produce that crazy depth detail.
The invisible seamless tiling is an automatic feature from Photosculpt Textures 2.

Each 3D texture come with 5 maps and a preview :

- ambient occlusion map ( fake shadows in recessed areas )
- diffuse map ( color image )
- displacement map ( coding for depth, black is backwards, white is forward )
- normal map ( color code that defines the orientation vector of the surface )
- specular map ( used to remove shines in specific areas )

map texture size 512x512

More to come ! Come back soon!

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