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Friday, September 9, 2011 at 11:16PM
Hippolyte Mounier

Click to download and animate the 3D interactive PDF file

Very interresting news from Mr Moshe Caine, department head at the faculty of Interactive Communication at the Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem.

He shared with me this Acrobat PDF file that he created/converted from a Photosculpt .obj 3D model of his own.

I'm really excited too to see how easy it is now to share interactive 3D objects, even large ones !

Click on the image to download the file. (4.9Mb, Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1 required, creative content is copyright Moshe Caine 2011)

Thank you Moshe for sharing this! I'm always amazed to learn new uses for Photosculpt 3D objects. I'll now investigate more of this in the future. I think it could ultimately lead to new functionalities for Photosculpt in the future?

Moshe said:

[...]I am sending you an example file of aPhotoSculpt image which I have converted to an interactive animated Acrobat PDF file.

As I mentioned, I think this has great potential for display purposes, for commercial and academic presentations, for online and no doubt soon for tablet displays.

[...] I ultimately chose the OBJ file which I converted to an interactive PDF using SimLab Composer software.

[...] Acrobat pro does not actually create a 3d file, however it can import and embed one. The format is U3D (universal 3D). Actually, despite Adobe's efforts, the format is not as universal as they would like. There are not all that many programs that save in U3D. I use three primary tools:

1. Mesh lab - a free 3d package which is quite good.

2. Deep Exploration, by Right Hemisphere. An excellent 3d conversion, optimization, etc tool. However quite expensive.

3. Simlab Composer, which I discovered lately. Very good. Both conversion and some basic interactive components built in.


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