Pushing Games Graphics to the Next Level with PhotoSculpt
Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 10:11PM
Hippolyte Mounier

Photosculpt Textures is a software that helps game designers to prepare beautiful photorealistic game 3D textures based on 2 photos of the same subject.

Here is a game environment example created with our textures. It's freely based on the horrific world of the really cool indie game Amnesia Dark Descent (PC, 2010) from Frictional.

Only two 3D textures (available from Eur 5.99 each) were used: one for all the walls and ceiling and one for the floor. 

Here is below the same view without shaders at all. It's now easy to see that I used subdivision along with displacement maps to create 3D detail close to the camera only. Further away, the model is not subdivided. In the future of gaming, this subdivision will be done automatically using a new technology called tessellation. All DirectX 11 graphic cards available today are now tessellation ready and more game will use tesselation in the future to generate very high photoreal details. Photosculpt is tessellation ready as it creates beautiful displacement maps, diffuse maps and normal maps, tileable and ready to use by games artists. (Why is Photosculpt Textures software different?)

10 Free 3D textures are available on my web site. You can also create your own textures with the free 30-day trial of Photosculpt. Don't hesitate to ask if any questions?


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