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Unique Use of RT Displacement Mapping in Indie Game Amnesia

I discovered this real-time displacement mapping gem (whitch is also the scariest game I've ever played with): Amnesia Dark Descent. (Edit: this is actually a parallax mapping, a similar technique witch is much less computing intensive. Good job! It really looks good)

The game is 18+, it's from Frictional Games and it runs on their own engine called HPL2 based on OpenGL. It features some great displacement mapping for all their stone textures and that really add to the realism and the believability of the game. A glimpse of it in this 18+ video at 1'10'' or 1'28''. Hint: Cut the sound if you're too scared! :-)

I'd love to see more displacement maping in games in the future. For this I've created a software called Photosculpt Textures witch produces photorealistic high resolution tileable displacement maps from 2 photos of the same subject.

  • Maps available: diffuse, normal, displacement, ambient occlusion, specular

Here is a sample 1024x1024 Displacement Map (created w. Photosculpt). That's the exact kind of map that could have been used to generate the 3D relief of the stone walls in this game. Click on the links below for more free samples and for tutorials on how to use them.


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