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PhotoSculpt Textures

PS PhotoSculpt

What is PhotoSculpt Textures ?

PhotoSculpt Textures is a new software due to release in 2010 that creates high definition 3D textures or 3D models from 2 photos of the same subject taken from 2 different viewpoints.

Top Features :

  • Very high quality of depth detail
  • Very high resolution results
  • Very fast : 3d model are displayed on screen within seconds while still processing
  • 3d model export (obj, stl)
  • texture map export (color, depth, normal, ambient occlusion, specular)
  • Tileable texture option

Price: not determined yet

Ask now for your 50% off private special offer at product launch !!

  • Just write us a mail with your name and email requesting for the reduction. We'll just check you in and you'll receive your private special offer automatically the day the software is launched.
  • Don't miss it ! After product launch, it will be too late.


We'll provide you with more information, demos, videos, features details, artworks, testimonials, other goodies, please bookmark us and come back soon !

Any questions ? Any Suggestion ?

Please write to us at:                  email adress

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