New 2048x2048 png seamless texture giveaway

Hi to everyone,

This month we give out a high resolution seamless texture created with Photosculpt Texture software v2.0

Temporary direct link:

  1. zip file ~30Mb
  2. 5x maps
  3. Seamless
  4. Png
  5. 2048 x 2048 pixels
  6. 100% free 
  7. For individual or commercial use, but redistribution is prohibited

Temporary direct download on!

Interrested for more?

Please go here to puchase more high resolution textures. Price from Eur 5.99

Please go here to buy Photosculpt textures software now. Price from Eur 139


New Themes for the 2013 Challenges

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New winners to the Photosculpt Monthly Challenge

We have 2 winners! Congratulations!

Both winner have won a free individual license of Photosculpt Texture v2 (value Euro 139, click the link to download the demo version)

Image by Panayiotis Constantinou

Image by Pino Spadaro

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Photosculpt Sponsoring the Wingsforscience Project

Please discover the fantastic journey of Adrien and Clementine around the globe now.

Stay tuned for their 3D images made using Photosculpt?

Read more here :


Photosculpt vs Photobump from Cryengine asset developpement

Very interresting experience from an artist previously working 4 years at Crytek. I didn't knew they had such tools, very comparable to Photosculpt's first prototypes:

"Photobump ( is quite an old tool, and I think it's almost forgotten, which is a pity, since I believe this approach to creating normal maps (and the more edittable height maps) is priceless and can be an incredible asset for every game artist. It was made as a pet project by one of the principle coders in Crytek during the development of the original Crysis, and I don't think there's been a version update in the last 5-6 years. It's interface is crude and the tool works quite slowly and is not super stable. But it produces great results (when it doesn't crash :) - very close to the original photos. Tomorrow I can make some comparison shots of low poly geometry rendered realtime with normal maps created by both tools, if you find this helpful.

Here's Photobump's user manual: can probably answer some of your more technical questions"