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Create photorealistic 3D models and hi-res seamless tileable 3D textures easily from two photos

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Photosculpt overview

Software features:

  • simple to use with a nice and easy to learn interface
  • fast (1-2 min), automatic and interactive process, you can examine the model being developped in realtime
  • 3D model plus all relevant textures: normal, displacement, specular, ambient occlusion, diffuse, bump
  • instantly tileable textures
  • extremely high res meshes (4M triangles) means superb detail

Download Free Textures:

Download beautiful 2048x2048 seamless tileable textures created with our Photosculpt Texture software.

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7 new 2048x2048px 3D textures for FREE download. Maps included: diffuse, displacement, normal, specular, ambient occlusion and a new high resolution preview image

From our blog:

New free high quality leaves 3D texture this month...

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Tutorial 1: First 3D model extraction using the Photosculpt textures software interface


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Read what other users say about PhotoSculpt.

Five star award from Software Informer for PhotoSculpt Textures v1.01 (demo)

"Pro: High-quality 3D renditions of your digital photographs. Well-structured interface with a wide variety of maps. Con: None." read the full review by Francisco Javier Martínez Calvo


"stunning and impressive application that allows you to generate 3D models and 3D textures from any sort of 2D images/pictures"


"Familiarizing with the software is simple and quick. With Photosculpt one may easily become an obsessional texture hunter" Nicolas Thevand, Tahiti, French Polynesia, winner of the 4th Photosculpt challenge.


"[...] In a minute or two, you have a model plus all the relevant textures - diffuse, specular, normal and so on - automatically derived from the photos. The process is interactive, so you can examine the model being developed in real time, and stop it at any point if you feel it's of sufficient quality. By Default, PhotoSculpt Textures generagtes a mesh of the same resolution as the source images, which means superb detail[...]and in a stroke of programming genius, make the whole thing instantly tileable with one click. [...]Very simple to use. Generates extremely high-res meshes. Instantly tileable textures. [...] fast and incredibly simple [...]" Ed Ricketts, freelance journalist, ex-editor of 3D World,, UK - Click to read the whole article now !




"I think it is a great product [...] for realistic texturing in 3D environments it would be perfect. I think it is a solid program to support that kind of work. [...] I have had the opportunity to play with your software over the last couple of days. It is super slick, robust, and VERY nicely designed. Well beyond Alpha stage I would say.[...] I see how it could be very useful for creating realistic surfaces in larger 3D environments. I hope it is successful for you." Chris D, freelance, USA

"Photoscult is a truly amazing piece of software… The author listens and add users requests at light speed. With only 2 pics, you’ll get a 3D model with different level of details, and incredible precision normal map and displacement maps. This tool have helped me to reach a new degree of realism into my renders and realtime content. It's worth every euro !" Jérôme Prévost from, software editor and artist, France


"[...] given we have a very extensive knowledge of all the texturing solutions out there, I can say with certainty that you already have a market-leading solution.  [...] Don't under value the price of this software - really impressed so far and wish you all the best." Dave O. editor at, UK


"I have been following PhotoSculpt since it's beginnings. I've watched it grow in leaps and bounds. Every time I think the application cannot get any better, it astounds me again! The speed and ease of use is truly amazing. PhotoSculpt is the next step in real 3D texture maps! You can not go wrong!" Jaco M. from, director, South-Africa


"Very functional, and can definitely save a lot of time. If you where comfortable with, or not good at, texture creation in photoshop or mudbox/zbrush. Then this would be an invaluable piece of software, as it basically removes that whole element of the design process." Graeme Palmer, freelance 3d modeller, Scotland (


"Great program. [...] The speed is the best that I have ever seen. I also love the new alpha channel feature!!! [...] I know after many hours of use that for gaming textures it will be awesome [...]. I can see it being used greatly for the amateur photographer and anyone wanting to add to there 3d and photography collection. [...] Ideally I could see Google looking to add a feature like this to google earth and sketchup. I know for my part being an architectural renderer in the US, we are very slow and hurting for cash. But I would still spend for a quality product like yours. " Chris B., Architectural renderer, Realism Studios ( , USA


Full 4-page software test by Benoît Rogez from 3DFV (in French):

"En conclusion, Photosculpt est clairement un logiciel qui mérite que l'on s'y frotte, et les résultats sont parfois bluffants."

(click here for an automated translation into English by Google)

 "PhotoSculpt Textures is an exciting piece of software to use, especially as it grows and matures. While it does take a little more effort and practice (shooting 2 photos at 10 or so degrees apart) than other similar software, I think the extra efforts are worth the results!" Greg Copin, 3D Artist and Photographer at Ignertia (, USA